The House of Blood and Tears

“She gazed at the majestic stone building from a distance; with the sun reflecting in the tall gabled windows, it was lovely enough to be a little palace. But appearance is deceiving; inside it was a chamber of evil.”

In 1939, the war in Holland required something from everyone. This true story is about a family of three and the decisions they make amid the conflict. Hillie becomes a double agent, and Jan a collaborator. Their 12 year old daughter Anje who finds herself invisible at times, becomes an operative for the Dutch Underground. Secrets, lies, concealment of Jews, these actions could imprison them in this notorious House of Blood and Tears. The consequence of their involvement was costly in Hitler’s Holocaust. A vivid history of World War II in the Netherlands; an amazing account of great courage and daring, with a surprise conclusion.

grandma_authorphoto2About the author: 

Lenore Eidse has a great love of history and a thirst for knowledge. Her appetite for history was heightened by her project writing and editing “Furrows in the Valley”, 100 years of history for the Rural Municipality of Morris. However, her writing career began earlier in the newspaper business and her feature news stories won first prize in the Canadian Weekly Newspaper Competition. The House of Blood and Tears is her first biographical novel. As she interviewed a close personal friend, she realized there was the potential for an amazing story; a story that needed to be told to the world, and she accepted the challenge.

Lenore and her husband live in Winnipeg, Canada. They have 4 children, 12 grandchildren, and 8 great grandchildren.

anje-2Anje’s Bio/ Info about Anje:

“While 13 year old Anne Frank was hiding in the attic of a warehouse in Amsterdam, just 180 km north in Groningen, another (14 year old) girl, Anje Minnes, pedaled about the streets on her bicycle, working as a courier for the Dutch Underground. The difference? Anne Frank was Jewish, and to be a Jew in Europe in 1942 carried an death sentence. 

The Minnes family were not deterred by the danger and risk of hiding Jews, downed Allied pilots and others; all except Jan, who became a collaborator. Would they survive the threat of death from falling bombs, or the bullets from a Nazi pistol, or the fear of discovery? The House of Blood and Tears was a place of torture, yet they could not avoid it’s intrusion in their lives.”

 The House of Blood and Tears by Lenore Eidse now available for sale in Canada from,, or from WestBow Press (e-book, softcover or hardcover formats available)



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